Services Offered 

Kelso Lynch, P.C., P.A., offers a wide range of services to our clients, including routine regulatory compliance or an opportunity to improve operations, internal control structure and procedures, and reduce waste. Our approach will always be to work in conjunction with your goals and objectives. 

The services listed below are not all-inclusive, so feel free to inquire about a service that is not listed. If it is not a service that we provide, we would be happy to refer you a qualified professional with whom we have a professional relationship.

Kelso Lynch CPA Audited Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statements

This is the core service offered by our firm, and it is much more than just a compliance function. It is an opportunity to offer more value beyond the audit function. The financial statements offer a glimpse into your business and communicate information that can be used to improve your operations. We take pride in our presentations of the audit results. The objective is to provide multiple views and perspective on the
information and tools that management might find useful including comparison with industry and peer company trends. Our expertise is in the electric, gas, telecommunications, and water system utility industries.

Kelso Lynch CPA Tax Preparation Services

Tax Preparation Services

This service can be at the Federal, State or Local level. If the requested service is outside or our areas of expertise, we will refer you to a qualified professional in that specific area.

Kelso Lynch CPA Attestation


This service could involve an examination, review or an agreed-upon procedures engagement on a variety of subject matters or an assertion about the subject matter, that is the responsibility of another party. Our firm has performed over 100 NRECA
Participant Reviews.

Kelso Lynch CPA Outsourced CFO and Accounting Services

Outsourced CFO and Accounting Services

We have staff and consultants with a wide area of expertise that can fulfill your temporary financial and accounting requirements. Please contact us to further discuss how we can craft a staffing plan that works in harmony with your organization to accomplish your goals.

Kelso Lynch CPA Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements

Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements

These services are less in scope than an audit of financials statements and are based on client information provided and are generally for internal use or lending institutions.